We're committed to social change and help make it happen at all kinds of levels - the individual, group, organization, community, and system. To do this, we work with our clients as partners, jointly participating in the creation of knowledge and development of solutions. To this end, we support your change efforts by starting with a collaborative assessment phase. We know that the better we all understand the problem, the more effectively and efficiently we'll be able to address it. 

The services we provide fall into the following areas:  

  • Organizational assessment & diagnosis - participatory approach to increase your organization's understanding of a particular issue or challenge, involving the collection and analysis of data and presentation of feedback to enable your organization to learn, make informed decisions, and pursue change.
  • Executive coaching - one-on-one support to develop your self-awareness, relationships, management, and leadership skills, all based on 360-degree feedback we obtain from the people surrounding you, including the option to use the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) as part of the assessment phase.
  • Strategic learning, research, & evaluation - everything from developing internal monitoring and evaluation systems for grantmaking and/or programmatic work, to designing regular moments for reflective learning and strategy refinement, to conducting evaluations of your organization's or grantees' programmatic work or grant making, to researching specific issues or challenges in the field. 
  • Strategic planning - guidance and support to align your group or organization around a clear vision and roadmap for the future, including determining what kind of plan and process are right for you, gathering input from relevant stakeholders, assessing organizational dynamics, facilitating planning sessions and decision making, and supporting the writing and communication of the plan.
  • Training & facilitation - design and implementation of programs that build the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals and groups and promote healthy group functioning, delivered as one-on-one sessions, staff meetings, retreats, stakeholder meetings, and/or learning exchanges. 
  • New consultant coaching - advice, support, and professional supervision around how to enter the field of consulting for emerging or transitioning practitioners at any career stage, including network and business development, small business logistics, consulting approaches and ethics, early client engagements, the pleasures, the pitfalls, and everything in between.

We know you have limited resources, and we are committed to working with you to create lasting change and the necessary internal systems and processes, leaving your organization stronger and more independent by the end of our work together.

We also promise our work together will be fun! We use creative group structures, art, movement, and laughter whenever possible, in addition to more traditional methods of interviews, conversations, and meetings.